Lampshade Levelers
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Magic Toob™
Keep your clip-on lampshades straight no matter what SIZE, SHAPE or TYPE of bulb you use with the Magic Toob™ Lampshade Leveler!

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     Examples of the Types of Bulbs the Magic Toob™ Will Fit

What is it?
The Magic Toob Lampshade Leveler™ is a form of high temperature silicone tubing that fits over the bulb clip of ANY clip-on style lampshade giving it superior gripping ability!

Who needs it?

Anyone who uses lamps with clip-on lampshades including mini shades!

Anyone who is tired of looking at crooked clip-on shades!

Anyone looking to save money, save energy and help the environment!

Almost everyone by 2012 when a federal mandate will begin phasing out incandescent bulbs!

Why buy it?

It saves money by allowing people to use less expensive spiral CFL's!

It permanently fixes the problem of getting clip-on lampshades to fit odd shaped bulbs, but can be removed and re-used if a shade needs replacement!

It promotes the use of "greener" more energy efficient lighting!

CFL's could 
REDUCE toxic mercury emissions (you heard that right!) by up to 80% annually!













































































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